Nape Wine Tasting 17th May – you decide our new wines!

We want you, our patrons, to decide some of our new wines for the Nape spring wine list.

We have found two locally based importers of some really excellent wines. They are coming to Nape to conduct a tasting and we want you to decide which of their range we list. No pressure!

The evening will introduce five or six exceptional wines pwerfect to drink with charcuterie to you sourced from Red Squirrel Wines and Root Stock Wines who will both be there to tell you all about them. We will pair each with some fine British cured meat and then it is over to you guys for a final vote on which ones go on the wine list for the whole of spring. What could possibly go wrong?

The outrageously fair price of £15 includes all your samples and your democratic rights.

Only 24 seats for this one – first come, first Served as usual.



Gin tasting at Nape 19.04.17

On the 24th April at 7pm we’re hosting a gin tasting.

Little Bird are a leading light in the resurgent craft distilling movement in London – and our house gin. The producer herself will join us to tell you all about this fantastic product and serve it up in a variety of ways paired with some of our delicious range of cured meats.

In addition, we will introduce a new product to the market – a London made version of the Italian digestif ‘Amaro’. This is a herby, silky smooth liqeuer that is perfect to finish off a meal or a tasting. The man who makes it will be there and will tell us all about it.

Come and celebrate some top class booze made on our doorsteps – and raise a glass (or four) with us.

25 tickets only. Strictly first come, first served. Ticket price includes all samples. Event lasts for approx 75 mins and starts at 7pm


Little Bird Gin

After much taste testing, feedback, fun and frivolity, Team Little Bird Gin and friends hit upon the recipe for a new London Dry Gin. Pink-grapefruit, sweet orange peel and ginger, plus seven more botanicals all contribute to our smooth citrusy taste.

Those three little words on your bottle tell you that the botanicals are natural and distilled along with the spirit to give a purer and high quality spirit. London Dry Gin means that no artificial flavourings or colourings are allowed before or after distillation.

While that term London Dry is a nod to the style of your gin, strangely, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s actually made in London too. But rest assured, Little Bird is, of course, south London born and bred.

British Amaro

It was a Summer’s evening in Palermo, Sicily, and Rob had married into a Sicilian family just a few hours ago. At the reception Rob was handed a precious heirloom by the in-laws; the treasured family recipe for their Amaro. He was sworn to lifelong secrecy and vowed only to pass the recipe onto his first born children. Obviously he promptly broke that vow by telling Jim 5 minutes later. Anyway…

That was in 2009 and in the years since we have made this Amaro many times back in London, but we always knew we wanted to make an Amaro that represented us and our British heritage. That is how Dispense was born. We studied the recipes from Culpeper’s ‘London Dispensatory’, a 17th Century catalogue of London’s rich history of tonics and liqueurs. We then infused them with the intense aromas of Sicily to create something that is uniquely British but retains the heat and charm of a Sicilian Summer. Our Dispense Amaro.
24 botanicals combine to create this rich and heady liqueur where fragrant citrus notes embrace the warmth of cardamom and clove. We add length, complexity and bitterness with British hops, milk thistle & hyssop and our signature vermouth made with wine from one of England’s best producers.

The end result is a balanced and complex British liqueur for the modern palate: Dispense Amaro


Whisky Tasting and Pairing at Nape 22nd March *WAIT LIST ONLY*

Whisky Tasting & Pairing at Nape with James Buntin

James Buntin is something of a living legend. Previously the global amabassador for Glenfiddich and latterly the same for The Balvenie, James has a rare insight into the whisky industry both here and abroad.

James has visited our British cured meat suppliers Cannon & Cannon twice over the years to deliver sell-out whisky tasting nights that people still rave about now. He has also conducted tasting evenings all over the world and is thought of as the single greatest presenter of whisky tastings in the UK. He is really not to be missed.

This tasting at Nape is his last ever gig in the UK as he is moving permanently to Australia to set up a whisky tasting and events business in April. Our loss.

James is putting on one last hurrah with us at Nape and is bringing some of his favourite drams along to pair with our cured meat. It promises to be a big one. We would love to see you there.

  • 20 spaces only
  • max 6 tickets per booking
  • ticket price includes all samples
  • strictly first come, first served
  • £15 per person inclusive of meat and whisky

To reserve your space click here

The event will start promptly at 7pm and last around 75 minutes.





We are open

Thanks to everyone who came last week for the soft launch. It was a lot of hard work, and there’s plenty more to do, but we were delighted by the reaction to the food, drink, space and vibes …

… and after taking Monday to re-set, we’re happy to announce that nape is now open!

For the moment opening hours are: Tuesdays-Fridays 5-11pm; Saturday & Sunday 12-11pm.

We’re going to see how things go working on a walk-ins basis only. So just come on over and we’ll find a place to sit you.

See you soon.

Soft launch 9–12 February

Hello world! Nape is soft-launching Thursday 9–12 February. Come and help us ease into things – it’s 50% off food for the duration of the launch period.

We’ll be open 5–11pm on weekdays, and 12–11pm at the weekend.

See you soon.