Nape is a type of cured and air dried meat — the English name for coppa, an intensely flavoured and beautifully marbled muscle from the base of a pig’s neck.

Nape is also a cured meat bar, bottle shop and deli.

We serve generous plates of brilliant British cured meat, all sourced by Cannon & Cannon. There are a few lip-smacking, on point toasties; a couple of cheesy things; salads to refresh the palate; Vadasz pickles to punctuate; Bread Ahead bread to mop things up; and Gelupo ices so your meal ends on a sweet note.

We have quality but inexpensive wine and beer on tap, and an ever changing and considered selection of interesting and special occasion bottles too. Some of the wine is ‘natural’, some of it isn’t; we feel no need to nail our colours to any mast other than ‘good’.

And pretty much everything you eat and drink at the bar is available at retail prices to takeaway too.

It’s simple, unfussy, but satisfying stuff. We’re just here to celebrate and promote the amazing cured meats that now exist in Britain, and to be an unpretentious, accessible and fun neighbourhood bar and deli.

Stop by for a plate of meat and a glass of wine before heading elsewhere; or stay for the whole night. We will have a basement tasting room up and running soon too, so subscribe to our email newsletter and keep an eye on the Events section for news on regular meat, wine and beer evenings.